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ACLA Undergraduate Seminar: “Representing Crisis”, Sec. 2

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Organizer: Nicoletta Pireddu

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Since ancient times, literature and other aesthetic forms have engaged with various manifestations of crisis, from social revolutions and wars, personal and family struggles, economic recessions and political turmoil to natural disasters and disease outbreaks.  From the narrative point of view, crisis also defines the decisive turning point in a story, when emotions reach the peak of intensity and the protagonist finds the courage and strength to lead events toward the conclusion. Crisis can bring about a change in the order of things, by exposing the faults in a society or community and allowing new political, ethical, philosophical, and artistic forms to emerge. The ACLA Undergraduate Seminar invites *undergraduate students* to explore the modalities with which literary works and/or productions from other expressive media have addressed crises and their literary and extra-literary implications. The seminar will take place online. We welcome comparative analyses that focus on representations of crises in various genres, time periods, and geographical settings, in connection with (but not exclusively): Conflict between tradition and innovation Heroes and anti-heroes  Emotional and mental breakdowns    Grief and resilience Community and ethical responsibility Political upheavals Cultural and ideological clashes Past and present pandemics Environmental and climate issues Catastrophes Racial justice Globalization Migration and refugees   

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