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Agamben's Later Works

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Organizer: Frances Restuccia

Co-Organizer: Adam Kotsko

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This seminar will focus on the later works of Giorgio Agamben, mainly The Use of Bodies and studies published in English during or after 2015:  e.g., Pilate and Jesus, The Fire and the Tale, The Mystery of Evil, What is Philosophy?, Karman, Creation and Anarchy, and the delightful Pulcinella.  We will consider themes such as the body, guilt, legality vs. legitimacy, literature, capitalism, comedy, and messianic time.  What is Agamben's stance on the body, and does he write a book on the use of the body that leaves out sexuality?  How does he make his case against guilt?  How might we elaborate and understand his condemnation of capitalism (which has been neglected in Agamben criticism that finds his work politically inadequate)?  Does he favor comedy over tragedy?  What shifts in emphasis, if any, have occurred since, say, Language and Death?  From The Use of Bodies onward, Agamben's trajectory has picked up (rather than lost) steam, so it is appropriate that those of us interested in his work give full attention to his later work rather than allow Homo Sacer and other earlier texts to remain solely in the limelight.      

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