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Asian/ and Asian American Representations on Screen

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Organizer: Yu Min (Claire) Chen

Co-Organizer: Mohimarnab Biswas

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Since Lumière brothers' first films debuted in Paris in 1895,  motion
pictures have evolved and advanced from early silent, black and white
film to today’s use of 3D and new technology. Hollywood has played a
leading role in the film industry since the 1920’s and dominated the
international film industry. The representations of ethnic groups in
Hollywood have coincided with their immigration history. Asian actors’
opportunities were limited to stock roles, while oriental roles were
played by non-Asian actors. This panel attempts to investigate the
representation of Asian and Asian American images in Asian, European
and Hollywood cinema from the mid-1920s to the present. The panel
welcomes papers that reconsider racial, gender and orientalism
theories to examine representation of Asians and Asian Americans in
films. Topics are welcome but not limited to the following:

·       Film Adaptation and Asian representation

·       Asian stereotypes in film history

·       Comparisons of Asian representation in European and Hollywood cinema

·       Issues of cross-ethnic performance

·       Asian actors and actresses

·       Asian American audiences

·       Power, social justice, and extra-legality

·       Gender Studies in Asian/ Asian American Cinema

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