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Bakhtin’s “Art and Answerability,” 100 Years Later

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Organizer: Margarita Marinova

Co-Organizer: Slav Gratchev

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On September 13, 1919, the Soviet journal Den Iskustva published Mikhail Bakhtin’s essay “Art and Answerability.” In the one hundred years since that date, many scholars and artists have looked to this work to uncover Bakhtin’s philosophical ideas about the ethical and esthetic dimensions of artistic activity, and get inspired in their own engagement with literature and the arts. This panels seeks to examine Bakhtin’s heritage in a variety of disciplines—literary and cultural studies, linguistics, philosophy, film, theater, translation, psychology, etc.—in order to explore not just the theoretical but also the practical ramifications of Mikhail Mikhailovich’s ideas in “Art and Answerability” and beyond. We welcome presentations engaged with any aspect of Bakhtin’s thought as a whole that aim to articulate its enduring relevance and application in and outside the classroom, and attempt to answer the question of what continues to make his work so important and relevant to our world today.

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