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Bodies of Knowledge/Knowledge of Bodies

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Organizer: Kate McCullough

Co-Organizer: Theresa Tensuan

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One look at the front page of any newspaper reminds us that bodies, and their relationship to the State, have never been more at risk and at stake. What might ontological, phenomenological, or epistemological frameworks reveal about the conditions or capacities of bodies marked by race, gender, abilities, religions, sexualities, or nationalities? How do we locate the body within representation, and what forms of knowledge might the body signify? What intersections, imbrications, contradictions, or dissonances might exist between the knowledge of the mind and the knowledge of the body? How might new understandings of neurosystems and neurodiversity alter our understanding of embodiment and its epistemological potential?  How do inscriptions on the surface of the body -- tattoos, scars, surgical modifications -- prompt new hermeneutic frameworks? Where or how might temporality enter here? How might the rhythms of the body manifest in dance, in trance, in chant, in breath, (or even in traumatic symptom) articulate a kind of knowledge left behind or excluded by Western/Cartesian modes of thought? In what ways does the knowledge of bodies enter institutional knowledge -- to be deployed, exploited, covered over, enacted?  This panel welcomes paper proposals touching on any of these questions.

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