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Can-ga : Canadian manga, the fourth solitude in Canada? Asian-Canadian comics and its connections between comics, manga and/or BD in Canada.

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Organizer: Chris Reyns-Chikuma

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American and French cultures, among some others, are known for having produced their own brand of manga known as OEL in the English-speaking world (see Chiu 2014; 2015; Brienza 2016; Johnson-Woods 2010; Cohen 2009; Okabe 2018) and as manfra in the Francophone world (see Rheault and Reyns-Chikuma 2016; Suvilay, Ebisu 2019). Canada is certainly less famous for its own production of comics and even less for its manga-type comics in spite of the multiple award-winning Tamaki cousin comics artists (see Chiu; Berndt), the world-famous Scott Pilgrim by O’Malley (see Berninger; Murphy; Lizardi) and the many-time-exhibited Haida Manga mural, Red, by M.N. Yahgulanaas (see Lebell, 2016; Harrison, 2016; Colclough, 2012). Moreover, some other Canadian comics artists, less popular or successful, were at various degrees influenced by the manga cultures (manhwa, manhua, anime
included). But beyond authorship, institutions such as publishing houses, libraries, festivals and universities, some slower than others, accepted and/or promoted a manga culture in Canada. They are part of the Canadian world of comics and contribute to the creation and understanding of can-ga (Canadian manga).
In this panel, we will analyse the interaction with and transfer of parts of Japanese or
Asian comics cultures, and specifically manga aesthetics and thematic elements, to the Canadian context that could be seen in some authors’ works (e.g., Tamaki, O’Malley), publishers’ business strategies (e.g., Udon, Lounak), libraries’ tactics (e.g., Masuchika), festival’s space accommodation and allocation of prizes (e.g., TCAF, MCAF, VanCAF…), and fan clubs (e.g., Fan de Manga, Québec).
This panel is a follow-up to our 2021-ACLA panel on “Beyond the 2 Solitudes in the
Canadian World of Comics”. It will also lead to a Vancouver conference specifically focused on the study of the fourth solitude in the Canadian world of comics within the research project of “Beyond the 2 Solitudes” ( ).
We are looking for scholars who would be interested in participating to this ACLA-2022- Panel. Please, for more info, write to and

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