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Cultivating Life in the Contemporary Caribbean

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Organizer: Charlotte Rogers

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In his Nobel Prize lecture, Gabriel García Márquez declared: “To oppression, plundering and abandonment, we respond with life. Neither floods nor plagues, famines nor cataclysms, nor even the eternal wars of century upon century, have been able to subdue the persistent advantage of life over death.” This seminar draws inspiration from the Colombian author in its exploration of life-oriented practices in the Greater Caribbean in the contemporary moment. In an era of pandemics, mass extinctions, disaster capitalism, and global climate change, how do Caribbean literatures, arts, and cultural practices serve as a form of creative resistance to the environmental and social cataclysms that visit the region? What uniquely archipelagic ways of being in the world does this resistance forge? This seminar invites papers that examine surviving and thriving in the Caribbean from a broad variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives, including but not limited to decolonial approaches, the environmental humanities, gender studies, critical race theory, indigenous studies, and others.

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