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Dante Beyond Western Culture: Translation, Transcultural Heritage, and Reception of the "Commedia"

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Organizer: Benedetta Cutolo

Co-Organizer: Chiara Caputi

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T.S. Eliot considered Dante to be his stylistic and existential model and his Commedia a fundamental reading for the appreciation of modern poetry in any language. He maintained that Dante appealed to universal concepts, which is the aspect that made his poem successful throughout the centuries and across the world. According to the festival Dante nel mondo, realized by the municipality of Ravenna in 2016, there are 58 complete translations of the Commedia in European, Asian, African, and South American languages.

Participants are invited to give papers which explore any aspect of the transnational and transcultural heritage through reception, translation, and commentaries of Dante's Commedia outside of the Western context, with a particular focus on the following areas:

  1. Latin America and the Caribbean 

  2. Africa and the Middle East

  3. Asia

Given that ACLA is an international conference, we strongly recommend that all speakers be prepared to present their work in English. This would allow for a more open discussion/conversation among all participants. All submissions must be sent via email in a single Word document entitled “Last Name ACLA DANTE 2023” to ccaputi@gradcenter.cuny.eduand and contain the following items: an abstract (maximum 200 characters), a short bio, full name, email address, and affiliation. Please use “ACLA DANTE 2023” in the subject line.


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