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Dichotomy of (Un)Belongingness and Fantasy: ‘Home’ and ‘Nation’ of the Post-Colonial Diaspora Narratives

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Organizer: Sarat Kumar Jena

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The fictional narratives of the margins authored by the ethnic members of the non-West diaspora vis-a`-vis members of the neo-nationalism established as a sub-genre in the post-colonial literary canon recently could identify narrative voice(s) by the ‘Self Representation’ of the displaced communities across the globe. Selected authors of the ‘Indian Diaspora Writing’ / ‘Caribbean Writing’ / ‘Latin-American Writing’ / 'Black-American Writing' / 'South-Asian British Writing' etc. may be compared under the impression of the post-colonial and post-structuralist research framework to find out the privileged voice(s) across the post-colonial literary canon on the basis of the evolution of the colonized migration leading to the displacement and slavery which fulfills imperial labour conditions controlled by the market economy of the West, and further their failure in the integration to a set of political-economic conditions as the effect of the neo-nationalism. This seminar critically analyzes the paradigm of the ‘migration’ as a new sect of the post-war humanism as represented in the post-colonial fictional narratives of 'diaspora' communities of the erstwhile colonies which are set within the dream and fantasy of the predominance of the 'house(s)' and  which problematize co-existence of the human beings and their association to the imagined symbolic house(s) vis-a`-vis real house(s) in existence. This study examines Indo-Trinidadian and Latino-American, Black-American, South-Asian British etc. ethnic identities and voice(s) represented in the fictional narratives on the basis of the un(belongingness) and fantasy grounded on the neo-nationalism vis-a`-vis new world order in the post-colonial set up of the political-economy of the West.

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