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Digital Production(s): The Artistic Praxis of Digital Space in the French and Francophone World

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Organizer: Leah Holz

Co-Organizer: Caroline Whiteman

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This seminar seeks to explore what “digital space” means semantically, culturally, theoretically, and in practice in the French and Francophone world. We are considering questions such as: Is digital space performative? What are its ontological implications? How have digital spaces changed our way of thinking about art, literature, culture, and representation in the French-speaking world? We are interested in exploring not only digital productions, but also the act of producing something digitally and the impact of doing so. We welcome submissions that explore all periods of French and Francophone cultural production(s).

Avenues of inquiry may include but are not limited to:

the evolution of digital humanities within French and Francophone Studies
the intersections of different art forms within digital space
the sensorial aspects of “reading” digital spaces (and their limitations)
the praxis of digital space for social activist purposes
the shape, form, and creation of digital spaces
digital archives and patrimonies
coalitions, digital communities, and digital access gaps
the production and consumption of digital media
critical representations and interpretations of digital space
reinterpretations and popularization of canonical works
innovative pedagogical applications of digital spaces, such as engaging with open-source resources

Please submit an abstract of 200-300 words along with a short bio.

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