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Enchantment-Disenchantment-Re-Enchantment: Cultural Investigations

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Organizer: Lukasz Wodzynski

Co-Organizer: Lukasz Sicinski

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For quite some time, the discourse of disenchantment has been underlying the discussions of modernity. First introduced by Friedrich Schiller and most poignantly formulated by Max Weber, the vision of the world as disenchanted still looms large over our efforts to understand modern identities, societies, politics, religiosity, and culture in their ever changing global context. However, in the last fifteen or so years there appeared important critical and philosophical voices questioning this narrative of disenchantment, pointing out that our notions of what Charles Taylor calls the Secular Age have often missed the mark and that the void left by older systems of belief has been successfully filled by other ways of generating the sense of wonder and mystery.

We invite papers that explore the consequences of this postsecular turn and investigate various strategies of re-enchantment in contemporary culture. We are interested in questions such as: how can the world be re-enchanted in new ways? What does it mean to think about the world as re-enchanted? How do the processes of disenchantment and re-enchantment relate to one another and together shape modern imagination? What role does culture play in this process? Have we ever been disenchanted?

Potential topics may include:

ethics and metaphysics of re-enchantment;
re-enchantment and humanism;
adventure narratives;
the mysterious and the magical;

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