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Figures of Rupture: Revolutionary Crossings in the Caribbean and Greater Mexico

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Organizer: Gustavo Quintero

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This seminar seeks to explore multiple figures of rupture in relation with revolutionary movements in the Caribbean region and in the area of Greater Mexico. Our concern is how histories of revolt in the Caribbean and in Greater Mexico can help us further understand the emergence of new uprisings against a worldwide onslaught of intolerance and bigotry. The seminar will focus on the notion of rupture in relation with revolutionary discourses, and the different shapes that the question of revolutionary discontinuities can adopt. We understand the term rupture as a fracture, as an interruption ensuing an encounter of forces, as a breach within an existing state of affairs, but also as a brutal separation of existing ties. By considering these revolutionary cultures through the crossings of logics and cultural manifestations, we seek to analyze instances of convergence, of tension, and of missed encounters between movements of revolt in the Caribbean and Greater Mexico. We will discuss how theoretical, literary, and filmic formats have approached and/or have been in the midst of the disruptions of revolutionary visions throughout the 19th and 20th century. We will study theoretical and aesthetic depictions of revolutionary ruptures, fractures within discourses of revolt, or persisting continuities after radical transformations, and how insurrections might entail a series of severing ties within the social structure. We welcome proposals working on, but not only limited to: spectral legacies of revolutions in Greater Mexico and/or the Caribbean; modes of narration and recovery of underground currents of revolt; filmic or literary depictions of the Mexican Revolution and the Cuban Revolution; print formats such as journalism and the chronicle in relation to revolutionary disruptions.

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