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Health and Embodiment: Narrative and Visual Cultures II

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Organizer: Michael Klein

Co-Organizer: Jodi Cressman

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Theories of health and the body have been increasingly influenced by film, television, photography, pop art, and material culture— just as these forms have been impacted by theories of the body, health, and illness in global cultures. Today, academic work on visual forms extends beyond media or film studies into interdisciplinary work in women’s and gender studies, disability studies, and the various literary and cultural traditions. Readings of graphic narratives add to the rich body of research and pedagogy in various academic settings, from the undergraduate classroom to medical school. Each of these bodies of inquiry intersects with the health humanities.

This session is co-sponsored by the ICLA Graphic Narrative Research Group.

We seek papers that examine the role and function of visual culture in the health humanities. Topics may include but are not limited to:

Treatments of medicine in television and film
Medicine in news specials and documentaries
Visual and textual rhetorics of bodies (of people, things, or knowledge)
Visual culture in the health humanities classroom
Graphic narratives as belletristic texts
Visual culture of health, medicine and the body
Treatments of medicine in television and film
Fictional and nonfictional representations of health and illness
Adaptations of belletristic sources to visual media such as film, television, or the graphic novel
Graphic memoir/Illustrated illness narratives
Historical images of medical apparatus or anatomy
Biomedical objects as text

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