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Heat, Light, Motion: The Next Wave in Energy Humanities

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Organizer: Jennifer Wenzel

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This seminar will bring together scholars interested in intersections between energy and literature, as well as other cultural production and cultural theory. The scope of the seminar is historically and geographically broad, inviting work on all periods and regions, in order to consider energy sources and energy regimes that precede petro-modernity as well as steps toward decarbonizing transitions and imagining possible futures. A unifying question for participants in the seminar will be the issue of method: in addition to offering readings of texts "about" energy, how else can we shed light on the pressure that energy puts on culture, and vice versa? What have been the most productive approaches to these questions so far in work on the energy humanities (in, say, the work of Wenzel 2006, Szeman 2007, Hitchcock 2010, Yaeger et al 2011, Worden and Barrett, eds. 2012 and 2014, LeMenager 2013, Johnson 2015, Malm 2015, Pinkus 2016, Szeman, Wenzel, and Yaeger, eds. 2017, and Szeman and Boyer, eds. 2017), and in what directions might future work develop?

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