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The Implications of Changing Laws of Liability in Contemporary Legal Studies

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Organizer: Salvatore Tolone Azzariti

Co-Organizer: Jayshree Singh BNU

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The protocols of liability contextualize confrontation, information and conditions. The non-conformity to ethics and negligence to assess the risk and disregarding the consent procedures are the determinants to understand the complex relationship of liability with its entrusted agencies. In contemporary times legal implications are no longer just a mode of civility and consultancy ethically, rather a result of either improper, inadequate and inefficient practices pursued by disordered claimants or by defendants of claims. And in both contexts the proactive provocation of deluding the facts with difference, deference, detention and disablement are exposed to mislead, mis-performance and misjudgement, subsequently arising complexity to right to liberty, opportunity and dignity. The current discussion is in pursuance of the nature of cases discussing the terminability of consumption and consumer protection, with injunction of functionaries in various sorts of human activity, and with the behavioural economics growing in the creation of new and wider basis of liability due to extended boundaries of the subject. The structured morality and unstructured connivance when get messed up with the contentions and contestations during the process of jurisdiction, then the development in the nature of rights and duties both in public and private sphere of law deem to be diversified, deconstructed and dialogic at times in terms of the protection of human subjects. 
The related themes in relevance to the aforementioned concern are –
1.       Liability Under Motor Vehicle Act – No Fault Liability
2.       Liability under Tort – Strict Liability, Absolute Liability, Vicarious Liability
3.       Liability in Environment – Liability for Damage to Natural Resources - Corporate and Government Liability - Criminal Liability
4.       Liability for Breach of Duty
5.       Liability in Medical Profession – Negligence – Malpractices – Professional Liability
6.       Liability under Consumer Protection Act – Product Liability – Defective Products
7.       Liability under Contract – Contractual Liability
8.       Liability under Competition law – Individual Liability – Criminal Liability
9.       Liability of Employer – Insurance – Compensation

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