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Literary Approaches to Financial Imperialism

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Organizer: Kyle Wanberg

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The thin veil of separation between finance and government has eroded to the point where there is no longer a need to formally distinguish between the intentions and interests of their representatives. We are seeing the ascendancy of international systems of monopoly-finance capitalism across the globe. Those of us who contest globalization, austerity, privatization, and the concomitant militarization of civil society are facing major challenges.


This panel seeks academics who work on literature, film, and theory that challenge this economic “rationality.” We are particularly interested in papers that engage with literary and economic thought, including the deployment of debts, structural adjustment, monopolization. In this way, we hope to open conversations around the limits of accounting, accountability, and calculability as aided by the lens of literary, cinematic, and theoretical texts. Ultimately, our aim is to investigate the authority of systems of economic value and imagine ways of contesting them without merely replicating them but undoing the attachments they facilitate to false claims of knowledge and predictability.


Kyle Wanberg (


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