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Memory, Machines, Storytelling, and Literary Form

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Organizer: Dominique Jullien

Co-Organizer: Mads Rosendahl Thomsen

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The development of the human cognitive capacities has been deeply dependent on prosthetic technologies of memory with writing as the most prolific. Literature responds to new technologies of information, both as a theme and in pushing storytelling and literary form in new directions. This is even more relevant today as storage media have transformed from being passive archives that could be approached by human subjects to dynamic, digital systems that respond to how they are being used; a development that was already foreshadowed before the digital age in a number of literary works that challenged conventional ideas of remembrance and proposed new configurations. The panel welcomes papers that investigate the interface of cognition, memory and literary form.
Possible paths of inquiry may include:
The incidence of recent medical investigations on brain and memory on new narrative forms, whether literature or film;
Memory, document, archive and the repositioning of the fictional;
Archival poetics in the age of storage technologies…
Confirmed participants include Dominique Jullien (UCSB), Simon Kemp (Oxford), Efraín Kristal (UCLA), Karin Kukkonen (Oslo), Sowon Park (UCSB), Romy Sutherland (UCLA), Mads Rosendahl Thomsen (Aarhus).

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