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Mess, Excess, and the Pleasures of Latinx Creativity I

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Organizer: Maia Gil'Adí

Co-Organizer: Antonio Lopez

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The seminar aims to explore how Latinx literary and cultural production across period and geographic lines exists as excess, messiness, and pleasure. Presentation submissions may consider how these terms open onto a number of aesthetic, political, and institutional concerns. Excess speaks to forms and power dynamics of going too far, of pushing the boundaries of the acceptable, and expanding traditional definitions of genre and fields of study. Messiness invokes a particular value of the excessive: that which, having gone too far, offends and is in error, in need of refinement, reformation, cleansing, or even elimination. Seminar discussions will therefore address if and how Latinx literary and cultural texts of the excessive and messy contemplate and promote pleasure and perhaps even exist as pleasurable agents with and for Latinx humans and humanities (and nonhumans and nonhumanities) who may be happy, sad, and always in between. Discussions in conversation with the supplements of mess, excess, and pleasure—order, insufficiency, dissatisfaction—are welcome.  Presentations may also explore how the excess and messiness of Latinx literature and culture reveal the difficulties and pleasures of recovering the Latinx past while imagining and creating a Latinx future. By engaging excess, messiness, and pleasure, the seminar may also to open up questions about what ethical and activist imperatives should (or shouldn’t) motivate academic work in Latinx studies. Please submit abstracts through the ACLA portal between August 20 at noon EST and September 20 at 9:00 am EST (  Any questions can be directed to the seminar organizers: Maia Gil'Adí (, Elena Machado (, and Antonio López ( 

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