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Modernism in Literature and the Arts: East and West

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Organizer: Yu Min Claire Chen

Co-Organizer: David M Hertz

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Modernism in Literature and the Arts: East and West “Staying as I am, One foot in one country and the other in another, I find my condition to be very happy, in that it is free . --- Rene Descartes, Letter to Elisabeth Bohemia, July 1648” Modernism made its mark by rejecting the cultural practices and traditions of the 19th century and establishing new aesthetics not only in literature but also in the arts. It was an international phenomenon but also an intercontinental one as well, stretching across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Uncovering new intercontinental developments in Modernism, especially connecting East and West is of great importance today. Did Asia influence Westerm innovation? Did Western innovation influence Asia? Answering these questions will show neglected connections of literature, philosophy and the arts, flowing from East to West and West to East as Modernism developed around the world. The panel aims to solicit papers that delineate interrelations between modernist literature and the arts, examine aesthetics, asymmetries, and intertextual elements in literary works, or deal with the intersections between the East and the West in all kinds of genres. Whether it is transcultural borrowing, influences, or writers that have overseas experiences and examine the other and the self with a new lens, topics that deal with the themes below are welcomed but not limited to: • On Modernist writers: East and West  • Modernist Literature and the other Arts  • Exoticism  • Transcultural writings • Intertextuality • Modernism in Asia  

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