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New Media and Post/Colonialism: New Colonial Media?

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Organizer: Lorenzo Veracini

Co-Organizer: Rebecca Weaver-Hightower

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The goal of this ACLA session is to conduct a sustained conversation about the role of “new”

media in relation to post/colonialism, looking into how media might be defined as “new” at a

certain time and with a certain purpose. The session will pursue the following questions, and


  • Have new media become a battleground where digital colonialism is being enforced?

  • How are film and television continued (or evolving) sites for colonial contestation?

  • In what ways are new media used to articulate and protect indigeneity, and perhaps to create a global Indigenous community?

  • Have new media contributed to real-world decolonization, beyond a few celebrate examples, and have these decolonizing passages been more than transitory?

  • Has the emerging field of critical data studies faced the question of the coloniality that is inherent to datafication processes but neglected to explore the futurity of the “digital natives”?

  • Have new media opened spaces for expression by colonized subjects? Or have they deepened the digital divide that re-enshrines the division separating colonizer and colonized?

  • Are some “new media” more conducive to decolonial ends than others?

  • How do digital technologies differ across the globe? And why might some technologies be more useful for decolonial purposes than others?

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