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Nineteenth-Century Conservatism, Aesthetics and the Press in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula

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Organizer: Ty West

Co-Organizer: Andrea Castro

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The press in the post-Independence era has served as the cornerstone for multiple critical studies on fundamental concepts often associated with liberalism such as modernity, nationalism, progress and the construction of the new, to name only a few. In this seminar, we will ask how conservative writers incorporated the modernizing influence of the press as they developed their view of the future of the young republics, or, conversely, their construction of the past. We aim to study the diverse aesthetic manifestations of conservative thought specifically in terms of how the technologies for publication and circulation of texts and images functioned to aid in its development, or how they were debated as an obstacle or asset to conservative thought. We seek papers that consider broadly the relationship between aesthetics, the press, and conservatism in terms of, but not limited to, political thought, visual culture, and literary studies. In short, how did the conservative imagination harness the new media to develop and/or debate its principal tenets? We are especially interested in considering how the press served as a space where competing notions of conservatism could take aesthetic form in transnational or transatlantic contexts and the variety of values and affects that conservative thinkers formulated and displayed in relation to these notions.
Possible topics of consideration:
Reactionary thought and the modernizing effects of the press
Conservative affective networks
Visual culture and conservatism
Popular conservatism and the press
Literary aesthetics and conservatism
Values and affects in texts and images
Conservative heterogeneity
Women, conservatism and the press

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