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In Other Words: Solidarity, Betrayal, and Translation in the Global South

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Organizer: Haider Shahbaz

Co-Organizer: Poorna Swami

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The study of the Global South has now become a key fixture in contemporary comparative literature debates (Halim 2012, Shih 2013, Popescu 2020). Yet, most conversations continue to center English and other dominant European languages. Even in postcolonial critiques, Europe often continues to be the geographical anchor. 

This panel seeks to change direction and emphasize the transfer of literature, aesthetics and ideas between writers, languages and regions outside Europe and North America. It considers the literary solidarities and affinities within the Global South and examines their radical possibilities and historical failures. Moreover, it asks about the role translation plays in both separating and connecting different languages, literatures, reading publics, markets, and political formations within the Global South. 

We welcome papers that are based in literary analysis, theory, history, anthropology or literary translation. 

Possible topics include: Anticolonial internationalist movements and collectives such as Pan-Africanism, Afro-Asianism, and Tricontinentalism;  The legacies of terms and collectives such as Third World and Global South; Comparison, relation, solidarity; Literary appropriation and distortion;The possible role of translation in Global South studies;  The role of colonial languages and knowledge practices in the Global South; Knowledge production and literary markets for translated literature; Worldmaking in postcolonial nations.

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