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Poetics of Sovereignty

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Organizer: Arif Camoglu

Co-Organizer: Siraj Ahmed

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This seminar explores articulations of sovereignty in literature and/or theory marked by imperial, colonial, or national violence. How is sovereignty constituted or defied in texts, including those that do not necessarily describe it in a form immediately recognizable as sovereign (e.g. state, empire, etc.)? In other words, what happens to sovereignty when tropes, figures, and/or concepts summon it in ways that not only reflect but also inflect its operation or subversion? The seminar invites proposals that trace, in particular, reconfigurations of sovereignty where Euro-American traditions of rule and revolution are not privileged. Possible topics of discussion include but are not limited to
- Metaphors of sovereignty
- The sound or image of sovereignty/resistance  
- Figures that attach themselves to or distance themselves from power
- Immaterial legacies of imperial/colonial/national regimes
- The politics and aesthetics of haunting
- Spectral forms of authority or counter-authority

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