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(Post)colonial Flows: Circuits, Affects, Politics

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Organizer: Ana Maria Ferreira

Co-Organizer: Maria Jose Navia

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This seminar is proposed in Honor of Dr. Veronica Salles-Reese’s teachings and legacy, and aims to explore the intrinsic connection between Latin American colonial history, and the present. The turbulent colonial period in the continent, the relationship between the Spanish crown and the Colonies, and the documents produced during that time, had enormous repercussions in contemporary Latin America. It’s possible to see those connections/flows in today’s literature, art, political movements, cinema, and many other formats. This seminar is looking for papers on both, colonial and postcolonial texts, and the links between them. We particularly encourage former students, and colleagues of professor Salles-Reese to send us their papers on: - The representation of the colonial past in contemporary Latin American literature or film - New approaches to Latin American colonial texts and documents - Travel writing in Latin America and its portrayal of power dynamics - (Post)colonial memory and the question/concept of the archive - Commodity fetishism and material culture in connection to Latin America’s (post)colonial past and present - (Post)colonial affects - (Post) colonial migrations, movements and displacements. Papers may be presented in English or in Spanish.

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