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Public Humanities and Comparatist Practice

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Organizer: Ricardo Ortiz

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Is Public Humanities a discipline, an intellectual movement, a social justice movement, or a professional/ institutional corrective to an unsustainable economic model in higher education? Can it be more than one or even all of these things at the same time? How do existing public humanities programs interact with programs in traditional humanities disciplines, including literary studies, as well as with interdisciplinary programs in race, ethnic, gender, sexuality, disability and class studies; how might they work beyond North America and Europe? How (and why) are existing programs training, mentoring, and placing graduate students to work and teach as public humanists? What resources within and beyond higher education support the growth of public humanities work in the world; what obstacles challenge that growth? How might public humanities training prepare students for careers in both the public and private spheres, careers that then might critically transform those spheres?

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