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"Resilient Bodies: Instituting Queerness in a Post-Factual Age" (ICLA Gender Studies Committee)

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Organizer: Joshua Branciforte

Co-Organizer: Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

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This panel explores the persistence of intersectional queer identities under pressure, whether today or elsewhen, whether in America or elsewhere.  Whether repressed or outlawed, included or celebrated, queer bodies, identities and interventions are always present, and they enact not only resistance but also a relational structural stamina of resilience especially in an anti-transgender actuality. Social, medical, cultural, economic, legal, and functional models each offer modalities of inclusion and acceptance, often within quite explicit parameters requiring recognizable performances. Despite ideological differences, at each step they propose collective normalizations of various sorts as the best way forward.  With their invocation of an always disappearing resolved futurity, the contingent, the present and the everyday, that is to say the queer “facts,” are elided in favor of an imagined future that never comes. Meanwhile, "facts" are often imagined in ways antithetical to some queer selves and trajectories, even sometimes from within queer communities themselves, with factual gender and sexual identities envisioned as instrinsic, enduring, stable, binary, and monosexual, eliding bi+sexuals, non-binary people, and those whose genders and/or sexualities are fluid rather than monolithic. Papers are invited that focus on literary, cultural and political moments of insistent and non-compliant queerness from all periods, media, and contexts including academic institutions, indigenous rights and gender activism. From blogs to canonical works, resilient queer bodies refuse to be constrained, regulated, and appropriated.  Although the cost of such antinomianism is often high, their very existence and the acts that they perform defy those narratives which would omit or refashion them so as to make them compliant. This seminar is a guaranteed session organized by the ICLA Comparative Gender Studies Committee.

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