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The Rise of Global Anglophone

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Organizer: Jeffrey Lawrence

Co-Organizer: Anjuli Gunaratne

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This seminar addresses the emergence of "Global Anglophone Literature" as a field designation in the US academy.  In recent years, as the term has proliferated in job descriptions and book titles, scholars have tended to view it as a redescription (either legitimate or misguided) of the field that used to be called “postcolonial literature." However, with the decline in hiring in post-1900 American and British literatures as such, and the general trend toward transnational and/or ethnic designations in advertisements for English departments positions, we might consider the possibility that Global Anglophone literature is in fact coming to function as an organizing rubric for the study of ALL modern literatures in English. 


Our seminar seeks to bring together scholars whose work focuses on different geographical regions in order to evaluate the theoretical, disciplinary, and historical dimensions of this change. For that reason, and given the breadth of the seminar theme, we are more interested in position papers than close readings of individual texts. Please upload a 200-250 word abstract to the ACLA paper portal by 9AM, Eastern Time, September 20th, 2018. If you have questions, contact Anjuli Gunaratne ( or Jeffrey Lawrence ( Possible topics to address might include:

The linguistic politics of Global Anglophone literature
Global Anglophone as World Literature?
The redefinition of temporal and geographical demarcations that conventionally constitute a field.
Area Studies and its shifting relationship to the “Global.”
Global Anglophone and institutional diversity imperatives.​

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