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Selling Out Theory

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Organizer: Jeffrey Di Leo

Co-Organizer: Zahi Zalloua

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Program Committee Note:
Symploke is a journal of the ACLA.  This is a guaranteed seminar that is the result of a joint agreement between the journal symploke and the ACLA.  

Seminar Abstract:
Today theorists are constantly being asked to be more accessible, more relevant, more pragmatic, more concrete, and, finally, more democratic in their modes of analysis. In acquiescing to these demands, theorists risk selling out theory, limiting its scope and compromising its drive toward understanding and hunger for critique. This seminar asks: What is the cost of translating theory into a mainstream register? Is theory amenable to commodification and application? What does theory in the neoliberal university look like? What is still worth upholding and defending about theory?

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