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Please select a seminar for which you would like to propose a paper. Current ACLA guidelines specify that each ACLA member may submit only ONE PAPER for consideration. Abstracts must be received by Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Puppetry in Literature

Organizer: Deniz Başar

The puppet has a long history of being wielded in literature as a symbol for manipulation/manipulated, a play thing lacking consciousness, a referent pointing to younthful/more innocent days. Puppets... more

Rethinking Description in the Long 18th Century

Organizer: Cynthia Vialle-Giancotti

Description has long been considered little more than a prolix rhetorical device: confused with ekphrasis, deprived of an autonomous status, it has been the subaltern of “narrative”. Yet descriptive... more

Post-Violence: The Telling and the Told

Organizer: Yiru Lim

When we hear, read, or watch a narrative of a violent or traumatic event, we are often fixated on its representation. We hang on to details about location; we want to find out who the perpetrators... more

Literature After Rights

Organizer: Arielle Stambler

For over a decade now, the interdisciplinary study of human rights and literature has offered a generative lens for thinking about questions of citizenship, the nation-state, and narrative form.... more

Nizar Qabbani: The Poet and The Critic

Organizer: Hicham Kharroub

This seminar attempts to start a book project on the Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani (1923-1998), one of most prominent Arab literary figures of the 20th Century. It proposes to be a comprehensive book on... more

Write Without Words, Write With Silence

Organizer: Marziyeh Kameli

In the literary realm, dialogue is often used as a remedy for conflict. At the same time, as Maurice Blanchot puts it in “The Paradox of Aytré”, “One of the most ancient wishes of literature is to... more

Para-academic Genres

Organizer: Jennifer Wang

In September 2021, poet and professor Cathy Park Hong was featured on the front cover of TIME magazine’s “The 100 Most Influential People” annual issue. Comedian Ali Wong’s review of Hong’s book... more