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Please select a seminar for which you would like to propose a paper. Current ACLA guidelines specify that each ACLA member may submit only ONE PAPER for consideration. Abstracts must be received by Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Orientation in and through Texts

Organizer: Reinhard G. Mueller

Orientation in and through Texts Organized on behalf of the Hodges Foundation for Philosophical Orientation How do we orient ourselves to texts? And how do texts orientate us? How do texts shape... more

Compulsory Modernity

Organizer: Seungyeon Gabrielle Jung

Who has never been modern? When Bruno Latour argued that the critical category of modernity has reached its sell-by date in We Have Never Been Modern, he spoke for humanity as whole. This polemical... more

The Novel from Land to Sea

Organizer: Victoria Baena

In this seminar, we hope to rethink long-held associations between novel and nation-state in light of recent insights from oceanic studies, archipelagic studies, as well as transatlantic,... more

Postwar Asian Management and Its Mediated Forms

Organizer: Hannah Airriess

This seminar is interested in postwar media forms in the context of the period’s management theory as it became implemented as corporate practice in East Asia, during an era often said to be defined... more

Solidarities in the Global South

Organizer: Ali Kulez

This panel reflects on the political possibilities and limitiations of encounters in the global South. Emerging first as a post-Cold War alternative to the Three-World model, the term “South” has... more

Reparation, Reckoning, and Reconciliation

Organizer: Kim Rostan

More than a century old, reparations discourse in the United States resurfaced with renewed fervor following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others. The... more

Rhetoric of discourses on crises

Organizer: Barbara Sobczak/ Monika Wójciak

Many social and political crises in recent years have stemmed off global events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, and local events such as the war in Syria or the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.... more


Organizer: Fredrik Rönnbäck

In his essay “Anachronism and the Conflict of Times,” published last year in Diacritics, Jacques Rancière revisits his defense of anachronism against the attempts by historian Lucien Febvre,... more

Comparative and/ World Literature/s in India

Organizer: Rajnandini SHAW

This is to propose a seminar on Comparative and/ World Literature/s in India. It is aimed to focus at the more recent trends in Comparative and/ World Literature/s in India, especially over the... more

The Place of Podcasts in the Humanities

Organizer: Laura Perry

Podcasts have left the garage and entered the university. This seminar considers the ever-expanding place of podcasts and podcasting in humanities research, teaching, and scholarship. Are podcasts... more