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Thank you to everyone who proposed a seminar for our March 19-22, 2020 conference in Chicago. The Program Committee has made final decisions about seminars and all acceptance letters have already been sent.

Please use the search below to find your seminar for reference (we recommend searching using only one or two keywords for best results). If you have already received an acceptance email but do not see your seminar listed below this does not mean that the status of the seminar has changed. Contact with any questions.

Latinx Modernisms

Organizer: John Cutler

This seminar proposes to explore Latinx modernism(s) as a set of challenges both to modernist studies broadly construed and to Latinx literary studies internally. A handful of Latinx studies scholars... more

New Directions in Style: Beyond Form

Organizer: Michael Dango

The past decade has seen an outpouring of work on form. Relatively little, by comparison, has foregrounded style.  What is the relation between form and style? How does style get us leverage on... more

SF in/of China

Organizer: Cara Healey

This seminar seeks to create a cross-cultural dialogue on China in SF (speculative fiction / science fiction / science fantasy) and Chinese SF.  An imagined “China” has been and continues... more

World Literature: Circulations Outside the Modern

Organizer: Alexander Beecroft

The theory and practice of world literature has often seemed to depend on a notion of modernity. Sometimes, this has been explicit, through a focus on forms of circulation and influence which have... more

Legal Forms

Organizer: Geoff Baker

What is the relationship between legal history or juridical concept, on the one hand, and aesthetic form or genre history, on the other? At least four decades after the beginnings of “law and... more

Sound Waves

Organizer: Julie Beth Napolin

“Voice” is both a key metaphor and a key medium of politics. Political participation is figured as “having a voice”; the word vote has its origins in the Latin vovere, “to vow.” But what of the sonic... more

Marketing World Literature

Organizer: David Damrosch

Literary prizes and events play a growing role today in the international circulation and reception of writers and their works. Even nationally based awards such as the Pulitzer can have an... more

Feminist Repetitions/Repeating Feminisms

Organizer: Andrea Mendoza

The idea for this seminar begins with a line from Sara Ahmed’s Living a Feminist Life (Duke University Press, 2017): “The repetition is the scene of feminist instruction.” These words announce a... more

Bad Readers

Organizer: Meghan Vicks

Vladimir Nabokov taught his students that naïve readers think they can “glean information about places and times from a novel,” and that the worst readers identify themselves with fictional... more

Forms of (Dis)Affection

Organizer: Maïté Marciano

In the field of affect theory, recent scholarship has begun to address what one might consider a blind spot: namely the absence, wavering, suppression, or suspension of affects and emotions.... more

Cultural Pluralism and Literary Innovation

Organizer: Donald Wehrs

This seminar proposes to explore various kinds of cultural pluralism (from ethnic diversity to religious ecumenicalism to heterogeneity through trade routes or colonialism) and their relation to... more