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The Sensorium of Reading

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Organizer: Joel Childers

Co-Organizer: Christoper Cannon

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This seminar seeks to understand reading as it draws upon and is shaped by mind and matter alike, within the sensorium of eyes, ears, hands, fingers, tongues, throats, necks, backs and brains. We aim to study reading enabled (and sometimes impeded) by light, air, wind, wood, stone, glass, paper, skin, and an ever-expanding array of interfaces, including the ways that texts can be sounded and heard, can be touched and can touch us. 

The Sensorium of Reading is an ongoing interdisciplinary seminar hosted by the Departments of English and Classics at Johns Hopkins University. At ACLA, we hope to continue our conversation by bringing together scholars from an array of backgrounds and theoretical methods, including cognitive science, media studies, literature, disability studies, sound studies, women and gender studies, critical race theory, and others. 

Interested scholars are encouraged to contact the co-organizers. For more information, visit:

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