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The State of the Environmental Humanities: Takes by Early Career Scholars

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Organizer: Sarah Dimick

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“State of the field” panels typically convene a group of prominent, established scholars to assess a field’s key trends and questions, but the perspectives of emerging scholars are equally crucial and all too rarely assembled. This seminar intends to spotlight new voices in the environmental humanities, featuring a conversation among graduate students, postdocs, lecturers, VAPs, and assistant professors. From the vantage point of this early career cohort, what ideas or intellectual currents feel most promising in the environmental humanities at the present moment? What patterns or habits of thought are proving troubling? Which sites of inquiry are especially active or laden with potential? Where do we see conceptual knots that require detangling? Papers may report on a particular corner of the field, adopting a birds-eye view of its current positions and innovations, or—in true “state of the field” style—stake a claim about the environmental humanities writ large. Bold arguments and polemical edges are welcomed, but by no means required, and participation is encouraged across all periods, geographies, and critical approaches.

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