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Text in and through Space: Transnationality, Translocality, and Transmediality, Sec. 2

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Organizer: Yipeng Shen

Co-Organizer: Tze-Lan Sang

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How are texts produced, circulated and consumed in transnational, translocal, and transmedial spaces? What roles do gender, ethnicity, class, and nation-states play in cross-spatial reception of literary, cinematic, and online texts? This seminar seeks to address these questions by taking a close look at specific cases in 20th  and 21st century global cultural flow. It particularly welcomes studies of cultural processes rendering affect and episteme reproducible in the context of economic exploitation, political contestation, and social transformation in the current era of (de-)globalization. It attempts to discuss the possibility of a new framework to analyze globalized local culture beyond the antinomies of society versus state, indigeneity versus globality, and culture versus capital by accentuating powerful but liminal cultural forms. Tentative topics include: Gendered narrativity and technological modernity in novels and films Cosmopolitan authorship and ethnocentric readership, and/or vice versa Adaptation and domestication in the cultural industry Sinophone and postcolonial textuality Internet and cultural postmodernism  

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