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Trans-Pacific (Mis)Encounters: New Forms of Cultural Exchange Between Latin America and Asia.

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Organizer: Sebastián Patrón Saade

Co-Organizer: Gerardo Gómez Michel

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Globalization has created new forms of exchange for material and cultural goods, capital, and people on a worldwide scale as well as allowed for the emergence of direct relations between previously unconnected regions of the globe. Thanks to this ongoing and ever-expanding process, what were once peripheral areas of the world system have begun to establish direct economic and cultural contacts between themselves. Perhaps more importantly however, these new exchanges have begun to raise the prospect of forgoing the mediation of Western metropolitan powers and the discourses through which they have represented the Other. In the case of Latin America and Asia though, the possibility of such unmediated exchange has recently been under intense scrutiny due to the persistence of orientalist tropes and hegemonic relations between both regions. The same discourses about the East that circulate in the center also appear in the works of Latin American writers, although with significant variations. The purpose of this seminar is to explore these new trans-Pacific exchanges between Latin America and Asia, highlighting the contradictions, misunderstandings and (mis)representations that are mobilized in both of these regions from different theoretical perspectives. Going beyond Orientalism, we are interested in proposals that engage with current debates in World Literature, the Global South, translation, diaspora and migration, and the circulation of different cultural artifacts, from movies and music, to books and literary forms. Our goal is to open a space to analyze how these exchanges deviate from and are conditioned by stereotypes about the Other and by the global flow of goods and capital.

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