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Translating the Epic

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Organizer: Peter Orte

Co-Organizer: Jeni Legg

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This seminar is dedicated to exploring various ways that oral and literary epics have been translated over time, across different cultures and languages, or into different semiotic mediums, i.e. song into writing, or writing into film. Aside from treating the question of faithfulness and the possibility of translation as such, participants are invited to address issues such as the following: the changing concept of the epic as a genre; the history of partiular translations of an epic; the history, in translation, of a given epic work; what use the epic is put to in modern contexts through translation, rewriting, and interpretation; and traditions, innovations, or estrangements in epic performance. Papers treating the question of translating any epic work will be considered. Those treating epics outside the Greek and Roman world are particularly welcome.

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