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Translation and its Archives/The Archive and its Translations: Poetics/History

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Organizer: Ignacio Infante

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This seminar aims to comparatively explore the interconnections between translation and the archive—considered here as related concepts and forms of knowledge, as well as material practices, technologies, and traditions.  The seminar will be articulated upon two related questions central to both contemporary comparative literature and translation studies: in what ways does translation invoke, transmit, rearticulate, reinforce, question, challenge, and/or critique a particular archive?; and to what extent does an archive require translation, or various forms of translation, as part of its own formal, technological, institutional, political, and temporal existence?  Both questions connecting translation and the archive here seem to point towards a reading of poetics [or un/original and un/traditional forms--such as various literary, linguistic, textual, cultural, visual, musical, media, or cognitive forms], in relation to history [considered as the material trace, expression, or representation of a past event, identity, or memory, in its individual, social, collective, political, sexual, economic, (post)colonial, diasporic, etc, dimension], and thus towards a reading of history in relation to poetics.  This seminar welcomes paper proposals across forms, languages, historical periods, as well as critical, theoretical, and creative explorations of the poetic and historical interrelations between the notions and practices of translation and the archive.  

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