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Translation Ecologies

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Organizer: Isabel Gómez

Co-Organizer: Marlene Esplin

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How do translation practice and multilingual knowledge production inform and shape notions of sustainability, justice, security, and relationality between languages and cultures in the modern and contemporary eras? Translators operate under complex conditions in which overlapping cultural, practical, sociopolitical, environmental, and aesthetic questions inform their tasks; mapping translation praxis provides insight at local and global scales. This seminar, organized by the ICLA Translation Studies Research Committee, invites abstracts interrogating translation ecologies from a variety of methodological perspectives—literary, historical, sociolinguistic, theoretical—and considers themes including but not limited to the following:
  • translation topographies, reinventing measurements or other metrics

  • indigeneity, sovereignty, and language recovery

  • multilingualism, translingualism, cosmopolitanism, vernaculars

  • epistemicide, commodification, and exploitation

  • translation beyond human actors

  • theorizations of ecotranslation

  • intermediality and phenomenology of translation

  • translation technologies: digital prostheses, AI, and machine learning

  • bodies in translation: performance, labor, intersectionality

  • spatiality, distance, territory, scale, and cartography in translation

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