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Translation in Future Contexts

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Organizer: Carles Prado-Fonts

Co-Organizer: Nick Admussen

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Translation today is conceptually and practically influenced by the globalized economies, transnational cultures, and communities in migration that proliferated in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Many readers today have easy access to a mosaic of literatures in translation and to literary works that portray other cultures; they visualize themselves as participants in global cultural and political processes. This wealth of literary possibilities may even intensify in the future as, for instance, computer-assisted translation is applied to literary texts.

At the same time, this wealth of literary possibilities is faced with increasing restrictions and limits, visible and invisible. Mobility between places is restricted due to issues related to pandemics, regional and national politics, and climate change. A very small number of languages are more hegemonic than ever. The labor conditions for literary translators are precarious.

What will be the effects of these pressures on future cross-cultural literary encounters? How will these contradictions that subject the circulation of literatures affect our understanding of the world’s plurality? How can our theoretical conversations contribute to a better understanding of these situations?

We welcome any papers that critically explore the future challenges and opportunities that face translation and translation studies; we are also open to papers that think through the futures of transnational literary studies and comparative literature.

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