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"Uno y otro / Uno e altro": Intersecting Visions of Latin America and Italy

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Organizer: Francesca Parmeggiani

Co-Organizer: Manuel Chinchilla

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This seminar seeks to explore historical and cultural exchanges between Latin America and Italy, as well as the presence of one in the literary, artistic and political imaginary of the other. Its purpose is to bring Latin Americanists and Italianists into a multidisciplinary conversation on subjects, cultural traditions and histories shared and studied by their respective fields. We are interested in exploring questions that will both enrich each field and produce new avenues of reflection between them. What “ideas” (Mignolo) of Latin America and Italy underlie early and modern understandings of their historical and cultural relations? What theoretical frameworks better serve scholars engaged in comparative, intersectional studies? What new knowledge about these cultural and geopolitical entities can be achieved through their comparison? What concepts and topics are better suited for their study? All theoretical approaches are welcome. Proposed topics may include: imagined and real geographies; narratives of travel and migration; diasporic communities; decolonizing and the transnational workings of modernity; political corruption and impunity; the rise of populism; organized crime / systemic violence; memorializing the past / revisioning history; new consciousnesses.

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