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Unwritten Biographies and Literature in Translation

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Organizer: Garrett Field

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This seminar is for translators and scholars who wish to explore relationships between biographical data of understudied littérateurs and their own translations of these writers' short stories, novels, poems, theater scripts, or song lyrics, which may not be explicitly biographical.  


In other words, we welcome papers by translators and scholars who are currently wrestling with connections and disconnections involving primary sources related to the littérateurs' life experiences and their own translations of literary forms created by the biographical subject.  


Here are some examples of topics that would be great: 


1.    Connections and disconnections between the actions and ideas of fictional characters (in a novel, short story, theater script, etc.) and the actions and ideas of that text’s author (based on biographical data you are currently collecting)  


2.     Explorations regarding a narrator’s voice in a work of literature and the life experiences you have unearthed regarding the author’s unwritten biography 


3.     Explorations of how locations and plots in a work of literature may or may not reflect the lived experiences of the author


4.     Examinations of your own translated excerpts of poetry or song lyrics that seem to be far removed from the lived experiences of the poet or lyricist 


5.     Broad theories regarding connections/disconnections between “biography” and “literary production” (novels, short stories, scripts, song lyrics, and beyond) 

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