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Violence and Affects in Latin America

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Organizer: Alicia Rios

Co-Organizer: Ana Del Sarto

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During the 1990s, feminist, gender, sexualities, queer and trans cultural studies have been theorizing affects as a way out of the believed impasse generated by post-modern psychoanalytic and deconstructive approaches, and as alternative inter and transdisicplinary models to the hegemony of language, the symbolic and signification, the unconscious, ideology, culture, and communication. Since the early 2000s, many scholars within the field of Latin American cultural studies have adopted, adapted, and worked through these new concepts, approaches, and theories to examine crucial cultural issues, such as violent events in contemporary Latin America. The interconnection of this highly volatile but pervasive topic, and the theories it inspires, challenges our imagination and creativity. Cultural production on violence has flourished since the middle of the last century. During the new millennium these new approaches allow us to reflect differently on pressing issues. We invite scholars from different disciplines to contribute to these conversations to enrich the general debate on affects and violence in Latin America. 

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