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Women and Transnational Modernisms

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Organizer: Camilla Sutherland

Co-Organizer: Ruth Clemens

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Responding to the recent ‘transnational turn’ in Modernist Studies, as well as the growing field signalled by the establishment of the Feminist Modernist Studies journal in 2018, this seminar will explore the relationship between gender and transnational modernism. Bringing together scholars of a variety of national and regional modernisms (North America, Europe, Latin America, and beyond), we seek to address the following topics:

Women as agents in transnational modernist networks
To what extent the analysis of these transnational modernist networks challenge our conceptualisations of gender identity in the early-20th century. Or, to put it differently, how does the category “women” shift through its modernist translations across borders, languages, and media?
How do we negotiate the issue of the local in discussions of the transnational? And to what extent are the concepts of local and global gendered?
Women’s role in literary and artistic nationalisms
Women’s work: translation, correspondence, and editing as (gendered) acts of globalized cultural production
Sexual cosmopolitanism as a modernist practice
Women modernists’ experiences and responses to immigration, exile and diaspora
Encounters with and practices of translation and multilingual literature
The role of women in cultural diplomacy (state-sponsored and otherwise)
How does the ‘transnational turn’ and renewed attention to women practitioners challenge the established modernist canon?
Where do women fit into the redrawing of the geographical borderlines of Modernist Studies? How do we account for not only the geographic but also symbolic marginalisation of these figures?
New directions for the study of women’s modernism – can we speak of a feminist transnational approach?

We invite papers that engage with any of the ideas above or that propose alternative avenues for approaching the issue of gender within the realm of transnational modernism.

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