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The Horst Frenz Prize Citations 2007

2007 Prize Winner:

Guilan Siassi (University of California - Los Angeles), for her paper, "Dreaming the Body into Words: Translating Affect between Cultures in Khatibi's Amour Bilingue," presented at the 2006 Annual Meeting at Princeton University.

The judges had these comments about Siassi's essay:

"A pellucid study of the "bilingualism" of language, using Derrida's notions of language and translation as a key to explore and to understand Khatabi's Amour bilingue. The use of a theory of language to reflect on a theory of translation, and vice versa, struck me as surprisingly obvious and convincing."

"This was by far the best paper that I read. Not only does the writer know how to read Derrida (not a common talent these days), but he or she does not just apply Derrida to the text; one feels instead that Derrida is really helping the writer articulate something very important about Khatibi's novel. Well done, in every respect."

2007 Frenz Prize Committee:
Eugene Eoyang (Indiana University and Lingan University, chair)
Virginia Jackson (Tufts University)
Pericles Lewis (Yale University)