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ACLA 2021 Annual Meeting
is Going Virtual!

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Annual Meeting

The American Comparative Literature Association's 2021 Annual Meeting is now fully virtual and will take place April 8-11, 2021.

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Please note that we are no longer accepting submissions to the 2021 conference. All seminars have been finalized and are under review by the ACLA Program Committee. Final decisions will be sent to all applicants by the end of December.

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Our April 8-11, 2021 conference, originally planned as an on-site conference at the Palais de Congrès convention center in Montreal, will now be fully virtual. We ask for your understanding and your cooperation as we host our first annual meeting in a digital environment that will include the same familiar features: pre-conference workshops, keynote panel, awards ceremony, the usual three days of seminars, networking opportunities, and a book fair that will feature academic presses.

To that end we are also lifting our restrictions on graduate student participation in a seminar. The requirement that all seminars have no more than 50% of graduate students is no longer valid for 2021. We urge organizers, faculty, and students to ensure that a seminar has representation across ranks so that we mutually benefit from energetic, illuminating, and stimulating papers and discussions.

Given the pandemic, the decimation of the humanities, the tenuous nature of most non-tenured/tenure-track faculty, adjuncts, and graduate students, the ACLA has decided to reduce conference registration fees by 50% across all registration types. We have reduced our registration fees to the bare minimum required to recover our anticipated conference expenses as well as cover our general operating costs.


Tenure-track/tenured faculty: $195.00 $98.00

Contingent faculty: $95.00 $48.00

Independent scholar: $95.00 $48.00

Retired faculty: $95.00 $48.00

Graduate student: $85.00 $43.00

Undergraduate student: $35.00 $18.00

*Note: All participants are welcome to propose a seminar or submit a paper without paying the registration fee in advance. If your seminar or paper is accepted then the payment must be submitted in order to present at the conference. All presenters are required to be current in their ACLA annual membership as well


The online portal for proposing a seminar will open August 15th, 2020 and continue through September 30th. See the full submission schedule below. In the meantime, we recommend reviewing our FAQ page as you plan your 2021 seminar.

Please noteIf your seminar or paper was accepted to the 2020 conference in Chicago you are welcome to resubmit when we open the portal for 2021. The submission form will include a section where you can indicate that your seminar or paper was accepted to the 2020 conference. Although this will not guarantee acceptance into the 2021 conference, the Program Committee will take this information into consideration during the review process.


  • August 15 | First day to propose a seminar to the 2021 conference
  • September 30 | Last day to propose a seminar
  • October 1 | First day to submit a paper to a proposed seminar
  • October 31 | Last day to submit a paper to a propose seminar
  • November 1 | First day for seminar organizers to review papers proposed to their seminar
  • November 9 | Last day for seminar organizers to review papers proposed to their seminar
  • November 10 | The Program Committee will begin reviewing proposed seminars
  • End of December | Emails to go out for all proposed seminars and papers with a final decision