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The Horst Frenz Prize Citations 2011 HM

2011 Honorable Mention:

Be it known that Bhavya Tiwari, of University of Texas at Austin, was awarded honorable mention in the competition for the 2011 Horst Frenz Prize for the best presentation by a graduate student at the annual conference of the American Comparative Literature Association, which, in 2010, was held in Vancouver, Canada.

A fluent, lucidly written exposition of the concept of world literature in multilingual India, with special attention to a reception study of the translations of Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali  -- including his own.

The American Comparative Literature Association takes pride is making this award to Bhavya Tiwari, and congratulates her on her outstanding achievement.

2011 Frenz Prize Committee:
Eugene Eoyang, Lingnan University and Indiana University (Chair)
Virginia Jackson, Tufts University
Pericles Lewis, Yale University