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The Horst Frenz Prize Citations 2012 HM

2012 Honorable Mention:

Be it known that Kendra Dority, of the University of Calfornia, Santa Cruz, was awarded honorable mention in the competition for the 2012 Horst Frenz Prize for the best presentation by a graduate student at the annual conference of the American Comparative Literature Association, which, in 2012, was held in Providence, Rhode Island.

Kendra Dority's paper, “'Back to the letter alpha': Destabilizing Literacy Narratives through Callias’ Grammatike Theöria,” is a brilliant critique of monolingual hegemony, an erroneous assumption underlying in “English Only” movements in the U. S. It revisits an ancient classical text that gives an account of the beginning of the alphabet and indicates that variability of pronunciation was inherent in the concept and the dissemination of the alphabet.

The American Comparative Literature Association takes pride is making this award to Kendra Dority, and congratulates her on her outstanding achievement.

2012 Frenz Prize Committee:
Eugene Eoyang, Lingnan University and Indiana University (Chair)
Virginia Jackson, Tufts University
Pericles Lewis, Yale University