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Minutes for Board Meeting - April 2003

Minutes for the ACLA Board Meeting
4 April 2003

Cal State San Marcos

Presiding: Dr. David Damrosch
Attending: Eckhardt, Higonnet, Komar, Miyashiro, Palencia-Roth, Palitto, Richmond-Garza, Saussy, Zamora
Regrets: Siebers

1. Approval of minutes and of their being posted on the web beginning with the minutes from the ACLA and ACLA/MLA meetings of 28/29 Dec. 2002 (Elizabeth Richmond-Garza)

2. Administrative/Financial/Membership Report (Elizabeth Richmond-Garza)

  • The results of the Board elections are: For Vice President: Kathy Komar For the Faculty Representatives to the Board: Lionnet, Trumpener, Kristal, Prins, and Finney For Graduate Student Representatives to the Board: Thuerwaechter and Carr
  • The prize committees have reported the following recipients:
    • The winner of the 2003 A. Owen Aldridge Prize for an original graduate student essay: James Ramey (University of California - Berkeley), for his paper, "Parasitism and Pale Fire's Camouflage: The King-Bot, the Crown Jewels and the Man in the Brown Mackintosh."
    • The winner of the 2002 Charles Bernheimer Prize for a Ph.D. dissertation in Comparative Literature: Emily Wilson (Yale University),"'Why do I Overlive?' Greek, Latin, and English Tragic Survival. The dissertation was directed by Professors Victor Bers and David Quint.
    • The winner of the 2003 Frenz Prize for a paper delivered at the 2002 Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico: Lida Oukaderova (University of Texas at Austin), for her paper, "Money, Translation and Subjectivity in Isaak Babel's "Guy de Maupassant."

3. Investment Committee Report (Haun Saussy)

  • Suggestion to form a new investment committee, including Damrosch and Higonnet to meet with Ellen Sandler about the investment accounts
  • Discussion of future uses of the money and request for a spreadsheet to be provided by the Treasurer with a 1-2 projection of the ACLAís finances
  • Discussion of need to add to the conference guidelines a statement about expected costs and profits (which are to be contributed to the ACLA investment accounts)
  • Discussion of use of the investments to form a travel fund for graduate student participants

4. ACLA 2003 San Marcos Report (with Hayton giving regrets): Discussion of need for updating of conference planners handbook to include new needs and challenges

5. ACLA 2004 Ann Arbor Update (with Siebers giving regrets): Planning going well

6. ACLA 2005 Paris Update (Margaret Higonnet)

  • Housed in institutional space and modern hotels near Gare Austerlitz
  • Formation of a committee to organize a distinguished panel for an Ètat present of the field
  • Need for a national program committee

7. Discussion of future venues such as Sandra Berman hosting í06 at Princeton and perhaps Puebla for í07

8. Report on ADPCL (Caroline Eckhardt)

  • Note on sessions for next ACLA and at the MLA session
  • Congratulations expressed for Pauline Yu, the new president of the ACLS
  • Discussion of whether the Aldridge Prize should remain tied to institutional membership in ADPCL/ACLA
  • Clarification that North American not only US institutions to qualify for membership

9. ACLA Report on 10-year review of Comparative Literature (Saussy)

  • Underway with 11 acceptances to write authored subsections
  • Draft report to be presented at the 2003 MLA and final to be presented at the 2004 MLA

10. Report on MLA/ACLA collaboration (Damrosch)

  • MLA ìApproaches to CLî volumeís table of contents presented
  • Princeton source book (well underway and a discussion of payment of permission fees and royalties in regard to the ACLA; the ACLA agreed to contribute up to $2,500 if necessary)

11. Follow-up on MLA/ACLA initiatives from Dec. 2002 meeting

12. Discussion of institutional and individual outreach (Damrosch)

13. Other business