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The A. Owen Aldridge Prize Citations 2004

2004 Prize Winner:

Mariano Siskind (New York University), for his paper, "Captain Cook and the Discovery of
Antarctica’s Modern Specificity: Towards a Critique of Globalization"

The judging committee lauded this paper's ambition, the scope of its perspective and its thematic pertinence, aspects that can be appreciated thanks to the clarity of its hypothesis and the questions that generate it, the quality of its argumentation and the exemplary use of secondary sources -selection, good dialogue with these sources, good use of footnotes to enrich the main text.

How the author inserts his research within contemporary debates and extends recent investigations (Margaret Cohen, Mary Louise Pratt) reveals the mind and curiosity of a true intellectual. This is not a course exercise, not the application of some theories or ideas to authors or texts, but the insertion of a voice in scholarly discourse.