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Presidential Master's Prize Citation 2012

2012 Prize Winner:

This year's Presidential Master's Prize for Best Graduate thesis on a Comparative Topic goes to Ellen Smith of Princeton University, for her thesis, “Different Workers: Katharine Susannah Prichard's Station Writings.”

The committee was impressed with the theoretical rigor, historical complexity and texture of Ms. Smith's analyses of Prichard's work, as well as its multi-layered context. Ms. Smith's reflection on the challenges of bringing conventional marxist categories to bear on the laboring indigene in Australia were careful, lucid and thought-provoking. Overall, we thought it was brilliant work. Congratulations!

2012 Presidential Undergraduate Prize Committee:
Debarati Sanyal - Berkeley University (Chair),
Nergis Erturk - Penn State University,
Leerom Medovoi - Portland State University